How to feminize cannabis seeds ?

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Everybody knows about Cannabis seeds and plants. But people often forget the fact that the Seeds of these plants are both male and female. There are many facts about Cannabis seeds that are generally not known to many people. For example, the fact about getting feminized seeds for cultivation and the importance of feminized seeds are not known to many.

Initially, female and male plants both look almost the same with their young, but the most important aspect that a female plant has, which makes it necessary, is that only the female plants can make buds. When you grow a plant, the yields you get are lower, and the buds are seedy when left with female plants for a long duration. Non-potent pollen sacs grow when you have male Cannabis plants. So it is natural that cultivators remove the male plants as soon as they see them. The male plants are not bud producers, and their presence also affects the quality of the buds. So mostly, keeping feminized seeds is the best way to get the best yields. Tossing half the seeds leads to getting only half the plants when they are ready to flower, but it is a necessary step to increase the yield.


What are feminized seeds?


As we know, cultivators prefer female seeds as they are the ones that grow out to be bud-producing and better yield-providing plants. The family's seeds are basically the seeds that are experimented on and treated such that the offspring they produce are female only. As we have seen earlier, if a plant is left untreated, then the seeds they produce have both male and female genes in them. If they leave the seeds and treat them, there can be half or more than half male seeds and plants that will be removed, and this will result in the wastage of half the resources. When there is such a big waste of resources, the yield you get is also decreased. When you have feminized the seeds, the chances of getting a good output with the best quality Cannabis flowers will increase. This will ensure a profit on output; when you harvest the result, you will be more than satisfied with the product, and when the quality of the product is good, then the profit made on it will also be very good.

Hence you can say this is a very well-thought-out and productive way of increasing the output and yield to gain profits. This method is the best way to make sure that half your seeds are not male, which will result in rejecting half of the harvest. The more female seeds are produced, the next batch of plants will be female, hence ensuring a good flowering bud and better use of resources in getting maximum output. 


How and why are seeds feminized?


Normally you would see that the ratio of a plant producing male seeds and female seeds naturally is half n half. So this means that when the cultivators are using the natural seeds and using them to harvest, then it is confirmed that half of the seeds that are germinated would grow out to be a male plant which would make them completely useless for the cultivator. This means the cultivator will have to remove the useless half and have to only carry on with the half that will give profit. This means that when you are working with a hundred seeds, you are just getting a result out of 50 if the seeds are not feminist. This is why feminizing the seeds is very important. So that when you are planting the trees, you get more and more results from all of them. Having most of the female plants will ensure that you have efficiently managed to invest all your time and efforts in a plant that will give you the output that it's worth. Hence, there are more intelligent ways of getting a good output than depending completely on the natural process. Having feminized seeds will see to it that all your efforts are answered positively.

When the Cannabis seeds are produced naturally it is by undergoing the process of sexual reproduction, where the pollen reaches the flower's stigma to fertilize the ovary within the plant's ovary, which results in the creation of seeds. One can prevent the pollination of female plants with male plants by removing all the male plants from around the area before they can pollinate and fertilize the female plant. Allowing only the female pollen to pollinate the plants will result in feminized seeds. This is the best way in which you can ensure that all the plants are fertilized to create offspring that are Feminized. Having more feminized seeds or offspring will result in the next harvest getting more output. This is basically a Win-Win situation for the cultivators where the same amount of effort will generate more yield and more profit.


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